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We know that regular hiking can be fun. But if you are going alone, then things are highly likely to become quite dangerous for you.  With a U.S Air Force Academy Cadet Candidate gone missing, having gone hiking alone, there is an important lesson we all need to learn: never hike alone.

According to Sady Swanson from Coloradoan, Micah Tice, a 20-year-old cadet candidate, went missing on Friday.

U.S. Air Force Academy cadet candidate missing after reportedly hiking in Longs Peak area

A U.S. Air Force Academy cadet candidate has been reported missing from the Longs Peak area of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Micah Tice, 20, of Las Vegas, was last heard from late Friday. Park officials were notified of his disappearance by the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Monday afternoon, according to a park news release.

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The report states that he was last seen in the Long Peak area of Rocky Mountain National Park, but no one currently knows his whereabouts.

According to KKTV, the parks warden found Micah’s car in the park, but haven’t located him in the trail just yet.

MISSING: Cadet candidate who reportedly went hiking on Longs Peak

Micah Tice, 20, who attends the United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School, last contacted his parents on Friday at about 9 p.m. He reportedly told them he was going to do some schoolwork and possibly take a hike on Saturday. His phone signal was last received on Saturday near Woodmen and I-25, and he failed to show up to class Monday morning.

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The search team is still doing the best they can to look for Micah and they have asked the public to help with the search.

A report published on the Denver Channel by Blair Miller states that Micah told his parents that he would go hiking.

US Air Force Academy looking for cadet candidate missing since Friday

The academy says that Micah Tice, 20, was last seen at his sponsor’s home in Colorado Springs on Thursday evening and that his parents, who live in Nevada, last spoke with him around 9 p.m. on Friday.

The academy says that Tice told his parents he was going to do schoolwork on Friday evening and possibly go hiking on Saturday. It said his last phone signal was received Saturday near Woodman and I-25.

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That was the last thing the family, who lives in Nevada, ever heard from their 20-year-old son before he disappeared.


We hope that the search and rescue team finds Tice. And Tthe take away here is this: whenever you plan to go on a hiking trail, always make sure you bring people with you. At the end of the day, safety is the number one factor to keep in mind before wearing those hiking boots.