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Hiking is one the most popular exercise and outdoor activities in the world.Come summer time, a lot  of people lace their boots to get a taste of their favorite cardiovascular activity.

It gives them a chance to take in some scenery as well since this activity is usually done in the trails carved in the woods or vast expanses of nature.

If there is one thing seriously considered here is the terrain. Most have a combination of rocky, soil, sand, marsh and concrete paths.


Best Hiking Boots Brands

This is the main reason why hikers should only wear the highest rated hiking boots for this endeavor. Here are the five best hiking boot brands you can choose from.




adventurershq saloman brand image

There is a good reason why Salomon is at the top of the list. The comfort and support it offers are supremely good. This is attributed to the Contagrip soles that are far better than any of the competitors.

The Goretex built in their shoes keep it water resistant. This keeps feet dry even when the user goes hiking in the rain. The ankles do not wobble because of the right fit around the area.

That means more protection against sprain and twists. Another asset that sets their shoes apart is the flexibility. It is not difficult to walk or run because of this ability.

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adventurershq timberland brand image

If there is one thing that makes this rank high on the hiking boot ratings, it is the fit. Timberland shoes offer a fit that is so exact that it is like wearing your own skin.

With that said, walking in these makes you feel that you on air. The snug fit makes it light. Combine this with the innate flexibility of the product and you have the best boots in town.

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adventurershq merrell brand image

Merrell has been occupying one of the top spots when it comes to top hiking boot brands ever since it was launched. They have several models that have catapulted the brand to the top.

In fact, this shoe has made loyal followers of a good number of hikers in the country. This has the word ‘tough’ written all over it. It can take on a beating like no other and still come out unscathed.

Gravel, mud and stone are no match for the rugged built. One of the best features is that stuck mud simply comes off with just a little shaking. It offers comfort and full support to the soles and ankles. This is certainly one of the best brands ever

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adventurershq skechers brand image

Skechers is one of the most dependable athletic shoe brand today. One thing that gives this shoe the edge over others is the comfort that it offers. The cushioning inside the shoe makes the whole hike soothing to the feet.

Normally, after a couple of hours of hiking, the feet start to get sore a bit. Not with this brand. Manufacturers create some room inside for the feet to move in. That means wearing thick socks is perfectly okay.

This will add more cushioning and comfort for the feet.

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adventurershq caterpillar brand image

One look at their boots and your eyes will stay glued to it. The design concept of the brand is a combination of rugged and sleek which makes it perfect for hiking as well as casual attire.

It was made not to be too bulky but has the toughness that hikers look for. It does not get any better than this brand because it puts a lot of attention on toughness, durability with the perfect design that makes it a pleasure to wear their shoes during those long hours on the roughest terrain.

Their boots are perfect for all types of weather conditions. That means one can wear them during hikes in the summer and while shoveling snow in the winter.

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Hiking boots are an essential part of this activity. Listed above are the best brand of hiking boots that you can find. The best ones offer the perfect mix of comfort, durability, and stability.

These are some of the best that one can find on the market today. The common trait that is found in these is the quality. All of these have their consumers in mind, therefore, these brands have come up with the bets boots for hiking that one can own.

These brands have set the standards that all other hiking shoes are measured against. With the quality of their products, it is no wonder that hikers all over the world prefer these.