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One of the most important rules for hiking is that one must wear the right shoes before heading out. But there is more to hiking than just buying the right boots. From safety to proper hydration, there is a lot to learn about hiking than you can imagine. With that said, here are the three hiking tips that can help you get the most out of your hiking adventure in 2019.

According to Bakri Mahmoud and Jed Cooper from ABC, staying safe in the trail is the number one thing you need to think about.

Let someone know where you’re going

In the unlikely scenario something goes wrong, the quicker someone can notice, the quicker help can be sent. So be sure to let someone know the details of the hike you’re planning, including when you’re setting off, and what your estimated finish time is.

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Never go hiking if no one knows exactly where you are. If you are going to be out alone, make sure you bring your phone with you.

A post published by Kaitlyn Wylde on Bustle suggests that you should first examine the trail before you plan your hiking.

Assess Trail Hazards

At the head of a public trail, there should be a sign that outlines wildlife in the area and what to be cautious of on the trail. If there are poisonous or dangerous animals on the trail, you might want to think twice about bringing your dog with you, or make an effort to keep them on an extra tight leash.

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This, of course, is very important for your own safety. At the end of the day, it doesn’t make sense to go hiking in a trail you know nothing about.

A post published on Logan Daily shows just how important it is to keep warm if hiking during the winter season.

Winter hiking tips

Footwear is critical. It should be waterproof, well lined and come up over your ankles. Layer gloves to ensure your hands stay warm. Body heat exits quickly through an uncovered head so be sure to wear a warm hat and scarf. While the coming days will bring warmer temperatures, it will still take time for the ice to melt in the ravines and shaded areas of the trails so caution should be taken even when the mercury climbs above freezing.

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You do not want to get sickly after having a good time out there. So it is important to pay attention to your dressing code in winter.


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