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Hiking can never be fun until you can get your boots muddy. And the best way to do that is to hike some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. But there are still beautiful regions that only a few people ever dare to visit. Below are three examples of the world’s most dangerous hiking trails.

Windy Li who writes for SCMP states in a post that Huashan National Park in China is among the world’s dangerous hiking trails in the world.

Visitors must register for ‘world’s most dangerous hike’ in China after death plunge

Police have been unable to track down the man’s family to claim his body, which was found on Friday, because they could not identify him, the report said.

A video posted online shows the man unleashing his safety harness and plunging from the section of the Huashan trail where hikers negotiate narrow wooden planks installed along the cliff face.

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This report came a week after a man fell to his death. Now anyone who wants to hike this trail must register before hiking.

Mileka Lincoln from the Hawaii News Now states that while Lanikai Pillbox Trail in Kailua is a popular hiking trail in the region, it is not safe for dogs.

Popular Hawaii hikes can be dangerous for dogs … and sometimes deadly

The Lanikai Pillbox Trail in Kailua is extremely popular, but what many hikers may not realize is how dangerous it can be for their dogs because of the potential for either heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

It’s not the only trail that has prompted concern from veterinarians: Makapuu Lighthouse is another, because of their locations on the back of ridges where there typically is no breeze, no shade and lots of asphalt — all of which pose significant risks for dogs.

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So if you want to go hiking with your dog pet, the Lanikai Pillbox Trail in Kailua may not be the best hiking trail to visit.

According to Sputnik News, Hauyna Picchu in Peru is also another example of a dangerous hiking trail that you wouldn’t dare hike alone.

Enter if You Dare: 10 Most Perilous Hiking Trails in World

Dangerous paths and mountain passes have always attracted thrill seekers mainly due to the unprecedented rush of adrenaline and breathtaking views from the tops of such inaccessible places.

It takes a lot of courage to tackle some dangerous, but very famous hiking trails with the most amazing and stunning views.

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In the article, the author says that if you really must hike this place, then you need to arm yourself with the necessary equipment to hike well.


These regions are rated as dangerous, so they are quite unsafe for anyone, really. While you can’t hike them per se, they still make the best option for sightseeing. So, you can visit and see them, but only from a distance.