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If you are looking for some new hiking trails to visit on your on your next hiking adventure, this article is for you. There are different places that you can visit, but it is always best to start with trails in your region. With that said, here are three beautiful places that are worth visiting on your next hiking adventure.

According to Tucson Local Media, the state of Arizona has some of the most beautiful hiking spots that you should consider viewing. And the Romeo Pool in Catalina State Park makes a good choice.

Romero Pools (Catalina State Park)

This 5.5-mile trek follows along the spine of the Santa Catalina Mountains, with 1,322 feet of elevation gain. The long and sometimes arduous path eventually leads you to a double-tiered basin of pools that contain runoff water from the taller peaks year-round, so you can either cool off in the heart of the summer or merely take a moment of Zen by the water’s edge if the temperature’s on the cooler side of the thermometer. The out-and-back trail can increase in difficulty, given the flow of Sutherland Wash, which cuts through the trail from time to time in the year.

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It is the right spot for people that love to walk for long for long hours. So if you are a hiker who lives in Arizona, this is a good place to start.

An article published on Bustle by Kaitlyn Wylde even suggests that there are cities that are quite good for hiking, and Portland is a good place to start.

Portland, Oregon

One minute you’re shopping in Downtown Portland, the next minute you’re hiking through Forest Park, the biggest urban hiking trail in the entire country, and arguably the most beautiful, too. Enjoy 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, with epic city and country views around every bend.

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If you have never been to the Oregon region in Portland before, this might just be the right place for you to go for your next hiking adventure.

Craig Platt from Stuff also recommends Rarotonga in Cooks Island for people that love to explore new regions for adventure.

Cook Islands hiking trails: Cross-island walk is not your typical experience in paradise

Quickly the climb becomes much more arduous. The path gets steeper and muddier and is covered by slippery, thick tree roots. The foliage closes in around us and the tropical air becomes even more humid, though I’m grateful we’re now shaded from the sun. Although the brochure says hiking boots or sneakers would be fine, I’m wearing my beat-up old Converse instead of something more appropriate.

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It’s definitely a cool place to hike. So if you live in the South Pacific, this region is a great option to add to your list of hiking trails.


To make hiking fun and to stay safe throughout the adventure, it’s important that you pay close attention to hiking safety. Do not go hiking alone, bring your phone with you, wear the right boots, and bring your hydration pack with you.