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Hiking is not just healthy for your body and good for your brain. It is also one of the best recreational activities that you can take part in during your free time. But where will you go hiking anyway? There are definitely so many options. Below are three awesome places you should consider hiking before Christmas.

The first recommendation comes from Ralph Vartabedian, an outdoor author at LA Times. According to the author, Armenia is emerging as a hiking destination and definitely worth visiting.

Armenia is emerging as a hiking destination. It’s not quite there, but oh, the views

My son, Marc, and I had tromped through shin-deep snow for several hours, and by the time we reached the blustery top of the peak, we couldn’t see more than 25 feet because of a whiteout.

Somewhere in front of us was a deep crater and the surrounding peaks of a volcanic rim we had hoped to reach. But as we stood on one of the highest peaks in the Armenian Caucasus Mountains, we were satisfied we had made it this far.

For much of the last century, nobody would have considered the former Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic a hiking destination.

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There is quite a lot to see here, from Dilijan National Part and Mount Aragats  to kind hearted people living in the region.

The second recommendation comes from Brian Maffly, a travel author at SL Trib. He recommends Adams Canyon as an alternative to Zion Narrow.

Hikers moaned when Zion Narrows was closed. Here are five other popular Utah destinations where private property questions could threaten access

Like Waterfall Canyon, this hike starts from a residential area at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. The canyon emerges from the mountains in Layton, where an informal trailhead is located just off U.S. Highway 89. The first quarter-mile of the trail crosses private land before entering national forest.

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He also recommends four more hiking areas for people who are looking for more options similar or better than Zion Narrow.

Nancy Daly from Cincinnati also has some recommendations of the best places to hike before the Christmas season starts.

Great places to hike. Here’s what you told us

Just before daybreak, my Scout troop hiked on a gravel road leaving Camp Lachenwald (which means “laughing woods”) near Marburg, Germany. It was dark in the dense woods. We were sleepy-eyed.

All that changed as we stepped out of the forest and into a meadow bathed in the morning’s first light. As light fog dissipated, rabbits skittered among the wildflowers.

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The places she recommends are good for people who live in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.


Consider choosing the best shoes to use for hiking before you plan on other hiking gears. That’s because your feet needs the most protection when you are out in the hiking trail.