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Not too long ago a friend of mine told me that he has never worn hiking boots because he finds them difficult to walk in. This made me realize just how many people out there have no clue about how to wear these footwear the right way. So, I scoured the web and came up with 3 unique guides to help you learn how do to the same.

I have been looking at Gurl for a while now. And I found their guide on wearing hiking boots properly helpful so much that it blew my mind away.

22 Ways by Gurl

After a recent trip to Costa Rica this summer, where I hiked through two different rain forests in a pair of sneakers made for the gym, I decided that I needed to buy a pair of hiking boots. I wanted a pair that would, obviously, be helpful when I was actually hiking, but that also looked cute and could be worn in a more stylish way. I found this pair, ordered them, then fell in love.

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You will love this guide because it is in-depth. Also, you will find this guide useful because it provides more than 10 styles for wearing hiking boots before the adventure begins.

The above guide is a bit general, which means it applies to both men and women. F Mag has a guide purely for women, so you should check it out if you are a female hiking maniac.

15 Ways By F Mag

Hiking boots are obviously something that are perfect to wear for hiking. In terms of the functions, they have a great grip that helps you walk more effortlessly in the wet and in the mud. They are also made of rough and hard materials so they can protect your feet very well. But hiking boots are designed so beautifully that you would want to blend them in with your casual outfits and work outfits.

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You will love this guide because it’s in-depth. Also, it provides you a number of options to dress up beautifully for your adventure.

Now, if you are the type of person that prefers short and quick guides, The Momedit has something for you as well.

Four Ways with the Momedit

One boot that has been steadily gaining momentum over the last few years as a major trend is…the hiking boot.  At first it was just a faux hiking boot.  A hiking-inspired boot, rather, often with a wedge heel – something a fashion-girl would wear to be more #authentic (haha), not something constructed for actual hiking.  But then…

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Like I have mentioned, the guide is short and straightforward. And it is therefore perfect for someone who’s looking for a quick read.


This guide is probably not for you if you’ve broken in your boots in the past. But, it can still help you get a tip here and there to help make your footwear as comfortable as possible – at least for the sake of your upcoming adventure.