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If you live in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and you love hiking, this might probably be the best time to get your hiking boots wet. That’s because the hiking trail in the region has officially been reopened to all hiking enthusiasts from around the region.

According to Rebecca Tan, an author at Washington Post, the trail had been closed in July 2018 shortly after an earthquake that threatened the lives of hikers.

A hiker’s harrowing escape from the top of Mount Rinjani after powerful quake

The 28-year-old lawyer from Toronto was steps away from the edge of the volcanic crater at the top of the mountain when a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck. The ground around her began shaking violently, sending her falling toward her Indonesian guide. Then she saw the ledge, where she had been perched moments before, collapse into the mouth of the volcano.

Several yards away was a larger plateau where dozens of hikers had gathered to watch the sunrise. As Irwin struggled to regain her balance, she saw most of that plateau crumble into the crater, taking hikers with it.

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At the time, there were about 800 hikers in the region. 16 of these lost their lives and about 300 were seriously injured.

After four months without the signs of the hiking trail ever reopening, the hiking trail on the Mount Rinjani has officially reopened, reports the Jakarta Post.

Hiking trail on Mount Rinjani to be reopened reported that the hiking trail is located in Aik Berik village, Central Lombok. Previously, all the hiking trails on Mt. Rinjani were closed to hikers following severe earthquakes that rocked Lombok Island.

The park currently allows a maximum of 150 hikers per day. Those who plan to hike Mount Rinjani can obtain tickets online via the e-Rinjani application, which is available on Play Store.

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According to the management, the region is now open to not more than one hundred and fifty hikers per day.

While this region has been reopened to hikers, accessing the region now comes with strict rules for the safety of hikers, a report by Straits Times, states.

One of Mount Rinjani’s trails reopened for hikers

Sudiyono said the TNGR had previously conducted surveys on several hiking routes, such as the Sembalun, Senaru, Torean and Aiq Berik trails. The last one turned out to be the safest. He explained that, despite being an old route, the Aiq Berik hiking route had not been actively promoted. This was because of its vicinity to the airport, the thick vegetation and wild animals along it and three waterfalls blocking the way.

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There are regions that you can no longer visit. And that’s because the management doesn’t want those places accessed for safety reasons.


Even if the region has been reopened to hikers, the question that we all have is how safe this hiking trail is after the July 2018 earthquake.