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I don’t want to tell you how old hiking as an adventure is. People have been doing that ever since the dawn of the Biblical man. But we know that we can’t hike as much as we would like without the best hiking boots. And even more, it’s important to ensure that you break in these shoes so your feet gets used to them.

Rei has an almost perfect guide written to help you break in your hiking boots in the shortest time possible.

Breaking In Hiking Boots Rei’s Way

Even great-fitting boots need to get in sync with your feet. If you take the time to break in a new pair of hiking boots, you’ll enjoy many comfortable miles on the trail together. Different boots take different break-in times. Light hikers may feel perfect right out of the box, while burly leather models may require weeks. The leather needs time to soften up so your boots and feet can conform to one another.

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What you will love about the guide is that it is short, yet quite in-depth. And most importantly, it’s a simple DIY guide. So, even beginners to hiking can use it to break in the boots easily.

We chose Gore Tex guide because it is quite useful. The fact that it guides you through breaking in your boots in jaunt makes it a perfect guide to fit on this list.

Break in the Boots with Gore Tex Guide

You don’t go from day hikes to Denali. You layer hikes onto one another, getting progressively more ambitious with each new peak. The same approach is true for breaking in your new hiking boots. If you rush the process, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with blisters. When it comes to how to break in hiking boots, there’s no fast way, but there is a right way. And it starts with the jaunt approach.

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What you will love about the guide is the step-by-step approach the author uses to guide you. And what’s more? The steps provided are easy to work around.

An article by Outside Online is quite an interesting piece that we thought you would be interested in checking out.

Break in the Boots with Outside Online

First, you should start by thinking about this question in a different way. It’s not about breaking in the boot to fit your foot, but breaking in your foot to fit the boot. If that sounds painful and a bit mystical, don’t worry. There are some easy steps you can follow to keep your feet happy and blister-free.

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What you will love about the guide is the interesting information provided. From understanding your feet to making sure the boots fit, we believe the guide is info-packed for you.


Breaking your hiking boots won’t take an hour, because it’s not some quick preparation that you can do on the fly. Like with anything else under the sun, it takes time.