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There is a new craze in the hiking community.

Everyone has a completely different opinion on what makes the best hiking shoes. For people who love the boom under foot, hiking boots make the best choice of hiking shoes to go for.

But for the folks whose hiking principle is lightweight footwear, hiking boots are absolutely out of question.

The simplest of assumption is that everyone has varied reasons why they need footwear. More often than not, people choose shoes depending on choice for style, comfort, and strength and flexibility of the ankle.

But unless you consider how much weight your feet can carry during hiking, it makes absolutely zero sense to choose between hiking boots and trail runners.

Wearing any shoes when going about whatever activity is conventional wisdom, of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to going hiking, the decision on the type of shoes to wear ceases to be a matter of personal preference.

But the straightforward, common sense question is this: what really is safe for hiking? Well, sometimes it does call for a little


The Basics – General Use

Trail Runners


The trail runners are the things for people in love with anything lightweight.

They are kind of like running shoes, and they aren’t as ominous as boots, really. Hiking trails have sturdy treads that provide the needed traction on dirt trails and rocks, not to mention they provide greater torsional.

And while waterproof shoes are treated as non-existent, some trail runner models provide protection from water, at the expense of ventilation, at least.


Hiking Boots


It is important to keep in mind that hiking boots are the opposite of trail runners.

They are more durable than trail runners. Their treads are made from durable rubbers, so you can expect these to last for a very long time. Also, the variation in size and weight means that each pair of hiking shoes has a different range of torsional rigidity.

The rigidity varies, too. Some shoes are extremely stiff; some are flexible.

The upper section of hiking boots made form a variety of materials. Some are made from leather. Some are made from a variety of leather and fabrics.

Many hiking boots fail, though. You wear them. Start walking. And then you feel like something is putting ankles and soles back down. Some boots weight around 680 g.

Some weigh more than 1000 g. The more then weight of the hiking boots, the more effort you will need when hiking.


Climate – Harsher Conditions

Trail Runners


Trailer runners have low-cut ankles as well as multiple mesh patches. While they get you maximum warmth and breath-ability in warm conditions, they won’t the warm comfort to get you through a long session of hiking, particularly if you choose to hike in them in winter.

Because they are lighter, they dry faster than hiking boots. So, if you know you are going to work up a sweat, trail runners are the best to use because the sweat won’t stick around.


Hiking Boots


Hiking boots are the best shoes for people who prefer to hike in cold weather. They are thicker and warmer, so they will provide your feed a lot of comfort. However, they will make your feet sweat easily.

This is because they are too thick and big to allow moisture to escape off your feet. There is nothing good to say about sweating, particularly when it comes to hiking. First, sweat makes feet to stink, and the hiking shoes hard to wash.

Second, it is the sweat in the hiking boots that cause blisters. Blisters hurt, a lot. And do you know what that means? It is means you can’t keep hiking.

So, hiking boots aren’t the best hiking footwear to wear in summer because they can be both painful and uncomfortable.

Trail Runners

  • If you are looking for hiking shoes that will enable you to move much faster, trail runners are a good pick.
  • This pair doesn’t just drain fast; it also dries quickly.
  • It offers amazing traction.
  • You do not need a break-in period.
  • Since it seems that every hiker always want to move as fast as possible, trail runners are the best shoes for hiking.

Hiking Boots

  • Offers maximum protection from terrain and in falls.
  • Hiking boots last for long.
  • Hiking boots also offer your feet great support for heavy loads.



Hiking boots are not just expensive. They also require you to put in a lot of effort to get moving. While trail runners are cheap and don’t require a lot of effort during a hiking, they wear out easily. Worse, they leave your ankles exposed to thorns, rocks, and falls.