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As long as you wear the right hiking gear, hiking should be adventurers, right? Well, not exactly. You also need to visit and hike different trails if you want to get the most out of the outdoors. The following are three hiking trails that you may want to visit before 2019.

According to Andrea Smith from the Lonely Planet, Slovenia is planning to open a new hiking trail, The Julian Alps, for hiking enthusiasts.

New 300km Julian Alps hiking trail will open next year in Slovenia

Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity for travellers, but if you’re looking for a new hiking challenge, you’ll be able to tackle a new 300km trail in Slovenia from April 2019. The Julian Alps Hiking Trail will be divided into various stages of approximately 20km, and it is planned to incorporate cycling trails in the future.

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According to the report, the trail is expected to be around 300km. And it will be divided into different sections of about 20km each.

A report written by Emma Wright and published on WFMZ shows that Dingman’s Falls Park has finally reopened after repairs from damages caused by the winter storm.

Popular hiking trail opens after repairs from winter storms

DELAWARE TWP., Pa. – A popular hiking trail in the Delaware Water Gap is finally open again. Dingman’s Falls park reopened on Wednesday afternoon after being badly damaged by last winter’s wicked weather.

Park workers say they had anticipated the trail cleanup to be completed in the spring. They say the early opening isn’t a pleasant surprise, but rather the result of hard work by many people.

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According to the report, Dingman’s Falls Parks is one of the most popular hiking trails in the Delaware Water Gaps.

According to a news report by Jake Trybulski from AZ Central, the Phoenix Hiking region is becoming one of the busiest hiking trails in the region.

As Phoenix hiking trails become busier, more users are taking unsanctioned paths

The increase in trail traffic can cause tension among users, and even encourage hikers, bikers and horseback riders to venture off the beaten, and official, paths into areas where they are not supposed to be.

Counters placed at 41 trailheads by Phoenix Parks and Recreation tallied more than 3.45 million users in 2017. Gregg Bach, public information officer for Phoenix Parks and Recreation, believes the number of users is much higher because of other, unofficial access points.

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The report shows that this region has not only increased in visitors, but the number of people living around the region has also gone up.


Always arm yourself with the right hiking gear before you leave home for an adventure. It is also important to never go hiking alone. But if you must, you should make sure someone knows where you will be hiking.