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Hiking is such a popular activity during summer. However, some people prefer to do it in winter when it is a lot colder. Some do it in the spring but prefer mountain tops where there is snow all year round.

To make their hikes more bearable, they have to wear the correct gear for to keep them protected against the snow. This includes jackets, pants, headwear and ear muffs.


Best Hiking Boots for Snow

However, a lot of experts would say the most important gear is hiking boots for snow. These are sturdier and are made of thicker material than the regular hiking boots available. Here are the five best.


Women’s Khombu North Star Thermolite Weather Rated Winter Snow Boots


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The Khombu North Star Thermolite Weather Rated Winter Snow Boots is by far the most comfortable hiking boots for snow. The boots offer some warmth that is good for fighting frostbite. One of the more noticeable things about these is the weight.

These are easy to walk in because they are very light compared to other products. Plus the traction that it offers prevents you from slipping on ice. This is an important aspect as most accidents related to snow hiking involves slips.

When it comes to fit, the boots offer just the right amount of clearance on all sides to make the walk a bit more comfortable. It does not get any better than this.


Salomon Men’s Snowtrip TS WP Winter Shoe


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The Salomon Men’s Snowtrip TS WP Winter Shoe feel absolutely great while walking in it on snow! Just one look at it and something tells you that it is going to be comfortable. Of course, it helps that it looks very nice because of the design.

These boots just took on everything that winter can bring. Be it ice, frosty weather, and water, it stood its’ ground against these elements. What sets it apart from the rest is that the soles are molded onto the main part to give it that tough build.

This has got to be one of Salomon’s best products. It has that roomy feel all around which adds more comfort to the fit.


Men’s Sorel 1964 Pac Walking Winter Rain Snow Waterproof Hiking Boots


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The Men’s Sorel 1964 Pac Walking Winter Rain Snow Waterproof Hiking Boots is one of the best pairs to wear on a winter hike. It offers that perfect fit to every size available. The structure of the boots is solid from top to bottom.

Every material used in making this product can stand up to what snow can bring.

These include ice, subzero weather, and water. Barely any other shoe comes close to this when it comes to sturdiness. This is one the best products to wear in all terrain hikes that includes snow, concrete, water and mud.

It is very hard to find a product that can perform better than this.


Merrell Women’s Snowbound Mid Waterproof Winter Boot


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If you base your choice only on customer reviews, the Merrell Women’s Snowbound Mid Waterproof Winter Boot will certainly win by a landslide. This is the type of hiking boot that can keep your feet warm all the time.

It does not matter if you walk on ice and water at the same time, it keeps the temperature of your feet dozens of degrees warmer than it should be.

In fact, you can even bring these shoes to the snow of the coldest places on earth and still feel warm inside.

Even those who have had surgery on their feet will feel safe wearing them. That is just how good it is.


Adidas Outdoor Women’s CW Choleah Insulated CP Snow Boot


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The Adidas Outdoor Women’s CW Choleah Insulated CP Snow Boot made it to the list because it offers warmth. The reason for this is that it has insulation constructed into it. The combination of snow, cold weather and rain do not stand a chance to this boot.

Another feature that makes this a very good buy is the comfort that it offers to the user. The support on the arches of the feet is what sets this apart from the lot.

When Adidas says it is waterproof, then it is what it is.

Even if you walk in water for a long time your feet will stay dry. Even your socks will.



Hiking has many benefits for people. It gives them peace of mind especially when they live a life full of stress and problems. It helps them clear their minds. On the physical side, it provides the best cardio-vascular exercise because walking for hours results in better circulation of blood and oxygen.

However, to make your hike more comfortable, you need to invest in the best boots. If you plan to hike in the snow, these are the top five shoes to purchase. These have their own benefits. However, the common thing they share is their comfort and a sturdy built to withstand the elements.