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Hiking is fun and healthy. Whenever you wear your boots and go to a short or long hiking trail, you get yourself from regular routines far away from the busy urban centers. After six to twelve hours of being out there, you feel more relaxed, revived, healthy, and happy. Now, if you are looking for a new place to hike next, you will love the Chile region.

A report published on Vogue by Elise Tylor shows that the government plans to build the longest hiking trail in Chile region.

One of the Longest Hiking Trails in the World Just Opened in Chile

It will be one of the world’s longest hiking trails, and it couldn’t have been done without the efforts of a husband-and-wife team who have serious outdoor credentials: he was the founder of North Face, and she’s the former CEO of Patagonia.

In the 1990s, Douglas and Kristine Thompson bought millions of acres of land in Chile and Argentina with the intention to preserve large swaths of South American countryside.

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Tourism in this region is slowly picking up in this region. So the completion of the hiking trail could attract many tourists to the region.

According to the Laura Hampson from the Standard, this hiking trail will connect up to 17 national parks in the Patagonia region.

Route of Parks: new hiking trail connecting 17 national parks in Chile’s Patagonia has been launched

From the southern section of the Andes Mountains, to grasslands, deserts and pristine rivers – the area is a nature enthusiast’s paradise, and a travel influencer’s dream. Now, the Chilean government has launched a new hiking trail that connects 17 national parks through the Patagonian wilderness – and, at 1,700 miles, it has become the world’s longest hiking trail.

The new trail can be attributed to Kristine Tompkins and her husband Douglas, founder of the North Face clothing brand, who passed away in 2015 after his kayak capsized in Chile.

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According to the report, the trail is 1,700 miles, making it the longest hiking trail in the history of humankind.

According to Helen Coffey from the Independent, the Chile government hopes to attract many tourists to the area over time.


The trail was funded by US billionaire Douglas Tompkins and his wife Kristine. The North Face and Esprit co-founder, who died in a kayaking accident in Chile three years ago, set up the Tompkins Conservation foundation, which bought up great swathes of land in Chile and Argentina in order to preserve it.

Mr Tompkins’ widow Kristine, the former CEO of outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, signed over a large amount to the Chilean government in 2017 with the idea of using it to make a series of connected parks and trails.

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Chile’s government is also looking forward to stress more on environmental preservation so that the region can maintain its array of wildlife and fresh plants.


Once the Route of Parks open officially, it would be best to add the Chile region to your list of the best of hiking trails. The more different places you can hike the more the adventure becomes interesting.