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Planning a hike goes beyond choosing the best boots to wear. It goes beyond knowing what costumes will be suitable for the event and what food you will eat. It also comes down to choosing the best places to hike. With that said, here are three best places that you should consider this September.

PAUL KRUPIN has put together some good options on Tri City Herald, so he does actually soil you of many options, which means you don’t have to think too much about where to go next.

September is the perfect time to take a hike. Here are some ideas

The weather is getting cooler, and if you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoors in the fall then this next month presents you with opportunities to get outside and enjoy the flowers and the scenery before winter arrives.

There are several excellent groups in the Tri-Cities who offer organized hikes and flower walks in September with knowledgeable and experienced leaders. They are open to the public as long as you contact them in advance, help with the gas money as needed, and bring the essential for the conditions and the weather.

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From Manatash Lake to Shellrock Mountain, PAUL KRUPIN does put together a good list of unique places that you can visit on weekends and on holidays.

Laura High also has some god recommendations of places to go hiking in her post on the Know Denver Post.


A number of trailheads can be found right in town. If you’re looking for a short hike with a great view and a little history, try the Doc Holliday Trail. Moderately steep, but less than a mile round trip, the trail takes you to an old cemetery where Doc Holliday and others are buried. The trailhead is in a residential area at the corner of 12th Street and Bennett Avenue.

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With more than one recommendation on her list, you have more options on areas where you can really go hiking with family and/or friends.

According to Jessica Zickefoose’s post on Travel Pulse, the Northern Coast of California might soon become a 300-mile hiking trail, and this is good news for outdoor persons like you.

California Could See a Beautiful New 300-Mile Hiking Trail Along Its Northern Coast

All you West Coast outdoors enthusiasts, you may very well be in for some exciting news. Parts of California’s old and crumbling Northwest Pacific Railway may likely be transformed into the Great Redwood Trail—a 300-mile hiking trail taking in the sights of remote rivers, canyons, and Redwood forests.

According to Lonely Planet, the trail is set to run from San Francisco Bay to Humboldt, taking you right through the absolutely stunning and beautiful California Wine Country.

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This area has already been called a unique piece of earth. And if the proposed bill to make the region an attraction passes, the work to make this a hiking trail will start.


Of course, these aren’t the only glorious places to step foot on, but they are a good start especially if you are just looking for some good ideas. So, get out there and enjoy nature as much as you possibly can.